How To

The "How Tos" give a short explanation or short video to show you how to before various tasks in UTU Swiss. This will get expanded over time, depending on the questions I get asked.


The install process is different on each version of Windows. If you have problems will the install, please refer to the detailed notes for your version of Windows.

If you are still having problems installing UTU Swiss please contact me.

Buy UTU Swiss

UTU Swiss can not be purchased from the website. UTU Swiss must be purchased from within UTU Swiss Windows desktop application when it is running on your Windows machine.

Watch the short video, which shows how to purchase UTU Swiss.

If you have already purchased a Tournament Director for Windows licence, you will automatically be given an upgrade to UTU Swiss for the discounted price of £20.

Load Data into UTU Swiss

Data can be loaded from various sources into UTU Swiss


How to use some of the key functionality in UTU Swiss

  • How to Create a new tournament - Coming soon
  • How to send results to the UTU Results Service
  • How to submit tournament results to ECF - Coming soon
  • How to submit tournament results to FIDE - Coming soon
  • Print options - Coming soon